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Coaching & Leadership Programmes

  • Flexible options for delivery
  • Tailored programmes based on key modules
  • Individual, groups and company wide development options
  • Proven track record in delivering results

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360 Degree Feedback Coaching

We offer coaching to introduce 360 degree feedback to your leadership team, provide workshops to deliver the core skills required to effectively facilitate the 360 degree feedback process, improve the effectiveness of a current or previous 360 degree feedback implementation and provide one-to-one report interpretation and development planning.

Below is an example of some recent coaching assignments:

  • Orientation to 360 degree feedback for key stakeholders
  • How to interpret reports and developmental action planning
  • One-to-one interpretation of reports and developmental planning
  • Feedback skills for managers
  • Training the facilitators in 360 degree feedback implementation
  • Post 360 degree feedback implementation

Leadership & Management Programmes

We are able to design tailored programmes based on highlighted areas for development from aggregated 360 degree feedback reports. In addition, the 360 feedback reports can be used to measure the improvements resulting from the leadership programme.

Below is an example of some recent leadership programmes we delivered for our clients:
  • Learning and development approaches for managers, covering how learning and development takes place at individual, group and organisational levels, as well as enhancing their own learning ability.
  • How to raise team effectiveness levels to achieve high performance success. Particularly for managers who want to expand their toolkit and working practices to achieve higher levels of cross team working. Also for those who are ready to build on being technically competent and qualified to also being an authentic and inspirational people leader.
  • How to become a more effective strategic thinker with an emphasis on how to manage the strategic development process through to successful implementation and delivery.

Project Management

We have experienced that when appropriate levels of planning and agreement are ignored due to time or budget constraints then the project inevitably results in the de-motivation of employees and a significant cost over budget.

We use the latest methodologies and experience to ensure that all projects deliver the specific outcomes based on your specific implementation requirements.

In order to provide the most relevant support we assess these levels of change to determine the type of support required to make it a success.

We provide a range of highly specialist support options that enable our clients to build skills in managing performance and development; including learning events that ensure managers and leaders have the commitment and skills required to rollout an effective appraisal process with their teams.