360 Degree Feedback

Involve 360 Degree Feedback

  • Intuitive, simple, user friendly interface
  • Extensive real-time reporting
  • Free access to over 300 Knowledge Bytes for personal development
  • Customised to your brand and competencies
  • Multilingual user interface

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Involve 360 Degree Feedback

Involve 360 degree feedback offers companies a comprehensive feedback facility that is quick and easy to use - allowing multiple assessors such as direct reports, peers, line managers and customers to appraise individuals anonymously. Our system allows for a fairer and more meaningful feedback report highlighting an individual's strengths, weaknesses and blind spots.


Our system offers cost and time savings, through reduction in administration and real-time reports. Our system also promotes best practice management across your organisation and we can provide you with tailored leadership programmes to fulfil key areas of development.

Why Involve?

We are leaders in online 360 degree feedback with over 6 years experience in delivering to global and local businesses. We are a UK based company offering excellent customer service with no hidden costs.
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Working with an internet based system in an international context in developing countries has created some real challenges for us. Involve have been quick to provide solutions.
Save the Children
Samantha Hackett, Global Learning and Development Coordinator

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